Which is easier to trap - mice or rats?

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It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to trap - whether it’s mice or rats, or a much larger animal than that - without the right knowledge and tools, it’ll be hard work. Scrap hard work, it’ll feel almost impossible.

Mice and rats, and many other wild animals for that matter, are renowned for being terribly hard work to get rid of. They're much smaller than you are, much faster than you are, and they can fit through even the smallest of gaps. Even those gaps that you think NOTHING can fit through. If the hole or patch or damage is about the size of a quarter, a rat or mouse can slip through it, and even if they can’t, they’ll just chew and gnaw at the hole until it grows much bigger and they can then squeeze through.

Find out how smart rats can be.

There is only really one effective way to deal with a rodent problem, and that's to use snap traps. If you use the right snap traps for your animal - rat traps for the larger rats, or mouse traps for the smaller mice - and you place them in the right positions, with the right bait, you CAN catch every mouse or rat you have in the home or commercial property. It takes a system of correct things to make it work though. If the traps are too big or too small, the animal won't go near it. If the trap is placed somewhere the animal doesn’t usually frequent, there’s a good chance it won't even come across it. If the traps aren’t catching your rats or mice, that's the first thing I would suggest - move it to an area in which it WILL trap the critters. You may need to move them around a little bit before you find success, but taking this time to work out the right places to lay the traps will do your quest the world of good. That's the only way that you can ensure your home or property is entirely rat and mouse-free.

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