Check out pricing for rat removal experts in your area!

We offer an excellent value, because we remove the rats PERMANENTLY the first time, with guarantee. Most pest control companies sign you up for a monthly or quarterly poisoning contract that lasts forever. They don't want to solve the problem, so that they can keep charging you. We do not use poison. If you hire us, after a week or two you will never have rats again.

To see what we charge for rat control services in your town, select your nearest location on the below map, and give us a call and describe your rat situation. We can give you a much more accurate price estimate over the phone. Factors that affect price include:

  • Size of house, number of stories, pitch of roof, accessibility, etc.
  • The condition of the house and number of repairs needed
  • The extent of the rat infestation and number of rats
  • The extent of the rat damage inside the attic and other parts of the house
  • The total number of service trips that will be necessary

Small Job: $249+ This is a simple job on a small house in good condition and not too many rats, with only 2-3 service visits necessary and minimal cleanup

Medium Job: $499+ This job is a larger house, with more repairs, more rats, more service visits, more cleanup necessary

Large Job: $1000+ Some jobs are extensive, and require significant repairs to the building, many service visits, extensive cleanup work, etc.

Remember, there is no one-price-fits-all, but we offer an excellent value, because we get rid of the rats in your house permanently.

Select your town below and give us a call to find out the price for permanent rat removal at your house.