Rat intelligence: how smart are they?

There are quite a few things that rats are good at, even a few things that might surprise you. They aren't very good with seeing things, and they actually only have a sight range of about three to four feet in total. They have an excellent sense of smell, however, and they're also good at climbing, and even jumping. they can jump to up to four feet in height, which is what makes life very easy for them to gain access to weak areas of your home, such as the attic and around the roof.

On top of this, these rodents are actually very good swimmers. It is not entirely unknown for rats to enter properties via sewage pipes and toilets, and that's why we always keep our toilet lids down … just in case.

Rats have been known to be able to fall from a great height without even injuring themselves at all, and in some cases, from around fifty feet or so. They're also pretty smart animals. So smart, in fact, that they have been able to inhabit almost every part of the world with great ease, using other factors, such as humans, to find their way around. You will find rats in all the places that you will find humans, and they seem to out-smart humans at most turns … They're faster, smaller, sleeker, and much more nimble than we are, and they can easily escape or break in.

They might not seem smart, but rats are a lot smarter than you'd give them credit for. They're smart enough to break into your home, and stay there for a while undetected too. Isn't that smart enough?

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Rats are widely considered to be unpleasant animals. For many people, they are a symbol of dirtiness and transmitters of disease. However, despite all these negative aspects attributed to them, rats are considered by the scientific community to be extremely intelligent animals. 

Believe it or not, this is true! 

In this post, you can learn more about the learning capacity of these incredible rodents. You'll be surprised!

Rats' great intelligence

Although there are many negative qualities attributed to these rodents, we cannot fail to mention the fact that rats are considered to be very intelligent animals. Let's look at some reasons why they are considered to be such intelligent animals.

They are fast learners

Have you ever imagined a rat driving a mini car? Believe it or not, domesticated rats are considered to be easy-to-train animals, capable of even more tricks than a dog. From rats that walk on a tightrope, to rats that respond when you call them, there are countless feats these incredible rodents can do. You can see videos on the internet that prove it.

They sense danger 

Thanks to their incredible senses like hearing and smell, rats are able to avoid certain types of danger such as some types of poisons. Those specially trained can even detect mines and bombs.

They are social animals 

These rodents can create very complex relationships with other rats, feeling a great attachment to and recognition of their family members. And as incredible as it may seem, rats can develop a great affinity towards humans. That's why it's very common to see these rodents as pets.

They have a complex communication system 

Rats have a rather complex ability to communicate. They emit high-frequency sounds that cannot be heard by humans.

They also possess a behavior known as direct reciprocity. This behavior is unique in the animal kingdom. Rats can actually recognize when other rats were good or bad to them, and are capable of 'returning favors'. 

Another interesting fact about this behavior is that rats are able to laugh. They tighten their teeth and make a squeak noise with them. 

The incredible brain of rats 

Rats and humans have more similarities than differences. Believe it or not, this turns out to be true.

According to studies, neuroscientists have discovered that the rat brain is very similar to the human brain. How is this possible? Similarities have been shown in the sensorimotor cortex. However, rats may have a bit of an advantage, as the human brain relies on visual information while the rat also handles the information in its whiskers.

Rats have been constantly frowned upon, they can even cause panic in some people. But as we see now, they are very intelligent animals. Rats are curious, they have an excellent memory, and they can learn very easily. That's why once they learn something, it's very unlikely they'll ever forget it. 

Nowadays, zoologists and experts are manipulating genes to make rats more intelligent. This is in order to find better treatments for dementia in humans. Once you understand how intelligent a rat is, you can appreciate these small animals for what they really are.