Can Rats Get Into the House Via Toilet?

Can Rats Enter The House Through The Toilet? The human imagination is something that will lead many people to imagine horrific scenes as a rat manages to climb in through the pipes and bite them as they sit on the toilet. This is more the stuff of horror movies than the reality, and in reality the only time is when it is likely to happen is during a nightmare for those people who are petrified of rats. However, it is wise to look at the question and to consider whether or not a rat really can climb into your home through the toilet, because any animal in your home can cause problems.

 Rats In The Sewers

There is no doubt that the average sewer will have a large number of rats living in it, and it is certainly true that rats are very good climbers. However, it is important to remember that climbing all the way up from a sewer through the pipes into a toilet will normally be a very big challenge. The pipes that are generally used for draining matter from the toilet will usually be smooth sided to assist the flow the other way, and there are also a number of different obstacles that would have to be negotiated.

 Basement And Ground Floor Toilets

The likelihood of a rat being able to enter a property through a toilet is already very slim, but for those toilets that are on the ground floor or in the basement, there will often be less elevation between the toilet and the sewer. This means that the slippery sides of the pipe will be much closer to being horizontal, although there does have to be some angle to ensure that the flow of human waste the other way doesn’t stick in the tube. This doesn’t mean that rats can simply scamper up the tube and climb out, because the modern toilet isn’t simply a drop chute sending waste directly into the sewer. Most toilets will have a water trap that will prevent smells rising into the property, and those rats that are climbing through will also have to negotiate the U bend in the toilet. This means that even for basement and ground floor toilets, it is very unlikely that any rats can enter through the toilet.

 Toilets On Upper Stories

Any toilet from the first floor of a property upwards will have a vertical drop built in to the mechanism, and because of this it is nearly impossible for rats to climb up a smooth plastic pipe into the toilet.

 Unused Properties

One situation in which the usual rules may not apply is in an older property which has a toilet where the water can be switched off. Not having any water in the toilet will make it much easier for rats to enter, and if they have come in through the toilet then it may be an entrance that they will use repeatedly.


A rat infestation is something that nobody will want to have in their home, but if they are coming in through the toilet then it can be easy to let your imagination run away with you. It is very rare to see a rat enter the property through a toilet, and even the Norway rat which is a prodigious swimmer will struggle to get past all the obstacles that will lie in their way.

There are usually much easier and quicker ways for rats to enter the property, and looking at weak points in the basement, the walls or the roof will usually be a much more likely route of entry. And to set your mind at ease, you are more likely to win the lottery than you are to be bitten by a rat climbing through the toilet.
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