Rats in New York subway

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It seems that people keep reporting the news that rats in New York subway are getting bigger. Some people living in the city say that they can go weeks, and perhaps even months without seeing a single rat, whereas others say they spot them all the time. It has been suggested that you are more likely to see something if you are scared of it, so perhaps those who are seeing them all the time are those who have a phobia? Maybe the ones who miss them are the ones that aren't phased by them in the slightest?

There are quite a lot of rats in the subway, that must be said, and they do seem to be bigger than your average run of the mill household rat. People are throwing food away all the time, and that’s why the rats are going down there. There might be loads of people, and quite a lot of danger at the same time, but there is also a lot of food - garbage cans, dropped crumbs and waste, you know? It’s like a five star restaurant for the rodents down there.

If you don’t particularly like rats, and would rather not see them on the New York subway, the locals have a few tips that you can bear in mind. Firstly, don’t stand near the edge of the platform, close to the tracks, and if you do, definitely don’t look down! That’s where you’ll more likely see them. They tend to run along the tracks a lot.

Of course, if you are sight-seeing in New York and are worried about the rats, or the effects the rats might have on you when you see them, take the bus instead. Or hail yourself a cab. There are so many other ways to get around in the city than just relying on the subway.

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