How do you remove a rat stuck in a dumpster?

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If you have spotted a rat in a dumpster and you fancy doing your good deed for the day, you’ll be happy to know that it is actually easier than you’d think to get it out. You just need to put something down to allow the animal to get itself out, and this can often be something as simple as a well-placed piece of wood.

The thing with a dumpster is that the sides are smooth, and the rat has no way of getting its claws into something to help haul its furry little butt out. If you were to put some fabric up the sides, and also so that it drapes out of the dumpster a little bit, and then left the rat alone, there’s a good chance it would scamper out of its own accord. You don’t actually need to do much for the animal to help the little guy out.

As much as you may want that rat to die in that dumpster, is it really necessary? By just moving a simple pieces of wood, or something else that the rat can grip onto, towards the edge of the dumpster so that it can run up, along, and then out – it takes just a moment out of your day, and doesn’t really cause you to put any undue stress or strain on yourself.

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