How to keep rats out of my garden

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There isn’t really a foolproof way of making sure rats can't get in your garden. They are wild animals, and they are small and nimble wild animals at that. There's a good chance that rats will always pass through your land, whether you want them to or not. The trick is to make your home totally unaccessible to these critters. There’s plenty of things they want inside your home, but if they can't get in, they'll move on. That means they'll be someone else's problem, but rats are always going to be someone's problem. We don’t clean up after ourselves enough, or repair the damage in our homes enough, to keep the critters out completely. Well, that's in our experience anyway.

In order to get keep rats, and other wild animals, away from your land, you need to totally remove the things that are attracting them there in the first place. You should make sure that nothing is leading the animals to your property - holes that will easily let them in, for example, or plenty of food lying around to entice them to take a closer look. How often do you leave food out for your pet cat or dog? What about bird feed? Do you place down leftovers for local pets or wildlife? That food is simply attracting these rodents. You can only put food down for so long before it starts to attract the wrong kind of attention.

If you make sure that holes are sealed, damage is repaired, and you aren't leaving food around for these animals, they will be less inclined to try and break in. That's what it all boils down to. You can try to keep these animals out of your garden as much as you like, but there will always be insects and bugs and other tasty treats to entice them in. You need to make sure they can't get any closer. Unfortunately, there's no easy way of doing that. You simply need to repair the damage that happens to your home over time, and make sure all holes are sealed up.

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