Do rats enter a building through the plumbing?

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Yes, in short. Rats can enter a building via so many means, and the plumbing is just one of them. If there is a way into your home, and the rat can get inside it, it's going to. There's no question about that.

A rat only needs a space the size of a quarter in order to get its body through, and that means that many locations around your home can be “soft spots” for rodents. The plumbing of your home, for example, is one way that mice and rats often crawl into your home, and this is through the space next to pipework where the gaps haven't been sealed correctly.

Drains are another culprit - if the drains aren’t covered, with a metal grate, for example, rats have been known to crawl up and along pipework. They can swim, so that's sewer pipes also leading them right into your home. Not only that, but there have even been reports of rats coming up through an open toilet. It certainly makes you think twice about leaving it up next time you do your business, right?

Rats can enter your property in so many ways, plumbing is really just the tip of the iceberg. Any small gap can easily be made bigger with sharp teeth and claws, and it doesn't take long for them to make a very small hole a very big one, especially when the rat’s cousins start coming along for the ride too. If you have pipework coming in and out of your home, you will need to make sure you inspect it regularly. If you don’t, a very small hole could soon turn into a very big problem. We're sure that's not what you want.

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