Will a rat chew through the ceiling?

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Rats will chew through practically any material that they come up against, apart from super strong metals such as steels. This means that most of your home is subject to threat of attack from these rodents, and is also why regular maintenance and inspections of your property is important.

It is when the weather gets colder that these rodents start to run inside - around autumn time - and it is before then that you will want to make sure you do your most in-depth inspection. You should look for any signs of damage on the exterior of your home, and when repairing these damage spots, make sure that you use only the most durable of materials. Things like plastics and wood are pointless, and rats can even chew through brick and concrete with some persistence. Their teeth never stop growing, you see, and that's why they chew and gnaw all the time. That's why very few materials are strong enough to keep rats out, and why you will need to do your research to ensure you get them out and keep them out. You should try using things such as galvanized steel flashing, or cement that has been properly cured. Hardware cloth can also work, as can steel reinforced caulks.

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If you ignore only the slightest weak spot in or around your home, rats will be able to hunt it down. They might not be able to see very well, only about three or four feet in range, but they have a very excellent sense of smell, and they use this, combined with their sensing-out of airways, to break through weak areas of your home in order to gain access. If they want in, they'll in, and you'll need to be smarter than they are to get them out and then keep them out.

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