Do rats have bones? How can they fit in such small holes?

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You would think that rats didn't have any bones at all, with the way that they can squeeze through even the tiniest gaps with relative ease. Fat mice and rats getting stuck in holes is left to the comics and animated movie series, their bodies much better equipped to deal with small spaces than we like to admit. That's what makes them so dangerous to your home. They just need the space about a third of an inch in diameter to squeeze through, bones and all.

Rats do have bones, it's their body shape which makes them so great at squeezing their body through the smallest of spaces. they are rather cylindrical in shape, in case you hadn't seen, and when you add flexibility and length to the mix, you have a recipe for success. If you want to fit yourself through a small space, of course.

In the wild these are animals that would naturally burrow, fitting their bodies through small underground holes. This is why they are so good at fitting in those gaps next to the pipework in your home, or in gaps of brickwork where the chimney joins the rest of the home, for example.

How do they know whether or not they will fit through a gap? Well, it's all in the whiskers. they use these long strands to figure out whether or not they can get through, and that's why you won't ever find a rat mouse or rat stuck in a hole. They're much smarter than that. If the whiskers say they won't fit, they won't even attempt it. They'll gnaw and chew to try and make the hole bigger, or they'll move on to another one that they CAN squeeze through. They are relentless at it too!

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