Hire a Professional Rat Removal Company

Rat control work is definitely not easy! I've written full rat control instructions on this website, but doing the job correctly is very difficult. Experience matters a whole lot! I did many rat jobs, dozens of jobs over my first couple of years, and even though I'm very observant and careful and hard-working, I messed up again and again, and my customers continued to have rat problems, and I had to re-do my jobs over and over. It wasn't until I had a LOT of experience under my belt that I got good at solving rat problems in attics and buildings PERMANENTLY. I honestly recommend that you hire a seasoned professional to do your rat control work. This website lists rodent removal experts in 638 different US cities and towns.

I have friends that I have personally trained in these cities: AZ - Phoenix - CA - Los Angeles - CA - San Diego - CA - San Francisco - FL - Fort Lauderdale - FL - Jacksonville - FL - Miami - FL - Orlando - FL - Tampa - GA - Atlanta - IL - Chicago - OR - Portland - NC - Raleigh / Durham - OH - Cleveland - PA - Philadelphia - TX - Austin - TX - Dallas - TX - Fort Worth - TX - Houston - TX - San Antonio - WA - Seattle - Washington DC - Essex UK

And for goodness' sake DO NOT hire a regular exterminator company or your usual pest control company. They will just throw some poison in the attic, and try to sign you up for a never-ending monthly or quarterly contract. They WANT to NEVER solve the problem, so they can keep charging you. The cost of rat removal ends up being higher with a pest control company. You want a wildlife control professional who will stop the source of the problem, and seal off all entry points, permanently. Up front cost is higher, but you only pay once. I have compiled a list of good experts. Click your state on this map in order to hire a professional in your area.
If you have any questions or comments, e-mail me at david@attic-rat.com
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