Rats in New Jersey

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Hi, David. First - thank you again for being so kind in responding. Is there ANYONE you know in the South Jersey Area that you would recommend? On the reference directory from your site (and I understand completely that you haven't determined the standards of everyone on the directory personally) there is one outfit for both Atlantic and Cape May County, which is where I live. Those were the guys I called in. I have no idea who else to contact. I will call the one on the directory in Philadelphia, PA, which is the next closest area to us. We leave town for two days due to a work event for me at 8a this morning and I know my husband will think I am crazy to get him to remove the baits once the sun is up (our attic has one of those hatch doors in the ceiling and is not exactly easy access). We have a home-handyman type of person that we hire who could look for holes and seal them... if that would help as a first step. I've printed out the info from the link you sent me regarding getting rid of rats. Of course the entire time I was reading and then printing, there was one scratching right over my head. I wonder if he is chuckling. Probably not, considering the poison. I definitely smell the urine from them... the guy from the company who came on Saturday said we did not have a large problem. But I realize they've been here for years and that I've smelled this smell off and on - typically when the temperature of the attic is higher (i.e. when the outside temps are 70 and above). I've heard them since the first winter we moved here (2006) and have tried to get my husband to agree to do something, but 'till now he would pretty much just say it is nothing. I am often in my home office by 5a so it's still dark, and I hear them in the walls and overhead. I've also heard them at night but again David (my husband's name too) had pretty much waived it off until now. Okay, I will bring the number for the guys in Philly with me today to call them from the car - and hope they are not scam artists as well. If there is anyone you know and trust in our area, or if not - if you would consider putting feelers out to the professionals you trust in case they know anyone in our area who they feel is reliable - I would greatly appreciate any info you or they may have. Many thanks and of course if you have no leads I completely understand, David. Best, Tracy

Hi again, David. I just went to the directory on your site again using a different link, to find the Philadelphia company. This link (also on your site) says that you recommend the folks we brought out. Here is the link with your recommendation for this company. They used blue block 'baits' ... is there any chance that this is better than the pellets? I am just saying this because it seems from the link on your site that you have interviewed this company specifically. Can you please let me know if it is possible that what they put up in our attic could help? The owner of the company (Gerry/Jerry) specifically said that the blocks have a desiccant that will make the mice thirsty (and draw them outside for water). I don't want to send my husband to the attic to retrieve the baits if they could actually be helping. Please know I understand that we can all be lead to think that a person or outfit is good, and I won't fault you if you have recommended these folks in error (if you have I did think you should know). Can you please advise me as to what you would do? I am only questioning whether the baits could be different than an actual poison, because of just seeing that you'd recommended this company specifically, on your site. Thanks. Best, Tracy

Okay, I do see from researching the blue blocks (link above) that they contain a second generation anticoagulant. I do want to be sure you would not call this company and mention me, because when the guy saw my knee was wrapped and I told him about a botched operation, he said he'd burn the doctor's house down if he were me. (When I told him no he wouldn't because he told me he is a Christian, he said he'd do it and repent so it wouldn't be a problem.) So... I don't even feel that I can question his practices personally... I don't want this guy thinking he has an ax to grind with me. This would be so much easier if we weren't leaving town in an hour. My husband has agreed to get the blocks out but ... from there I have no idea who will set traps, etc. (I guess the handyman we use? I will print out the do-it-yourself info. If you have anyone who does not use the poisons that you can recommend - much appreciated.) ~ Tracy

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